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I have battled with my so-called infertility for over ten years until i’ve finally found a remedy, got pregnant twice and now am a happy mother of two wonderful healthy children. After much research and a large number of hours examining infertility related articles and posts on line, i’ve found your book! i never believed in anything option to western medicine and thought all the other things like chinese medicine was a hoax. Thank-you so much and god bless’!

many thanks for every thing, lisa’! special is the fact that it offers you the power to. I’m surprised, amazed and thrilled. Like a last attempt, my mom bought me your wonderful book. Anything within your book is practical. I’ve been proposing and encouraging all my clients to order your book. My physician confirmed my pregnancy today. I’m suggesting your system to all my friends. It has been the greatest gift i have ever acquired

and a real life changer.

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