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Countless. Trump also commented that tesla failed to create anything that might be of any practical use. Then, i found your website, nikola tesla secret. John g. But, though we recognize the huge and long-term cost benefits, the nikola tesla secret™ can save you with time, we still want your investment to become a bargain. You will get free energy! nikola tesla’s described sunlight being an tremendous ball of electricity, positively charged with a potential of some 200 thousand volts. The positive particles are stopped at the ionosphere, and between it and the negative costs in the ground, there’s a sizable huge difference of voltage – anything on the purchase of 360,000 volts. The huge electric force between both of these bodies constituted, at least in part, what he called cosmic energy. Scientists and inventors worldwide did not wait long and took the leaked data to start making free energy devices – nikola tesla’s dream has finally be realized.

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