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In addition to producing all the guidelines and recommendations from my readers i did a lot of technical and scientific investigation on the female anatomy, nerve endings, hormones and something that can contribute to giving women the most outrageous of orgasms. During lovemaking i slipped my head

the region of the vagina that lots of women do not want licked… lick here and chances are she will not want you to perform cunnilingus for a prolonged time( page 25) 5 ways to nearly instantly get her within the mood… appreciate cunnilingus and sex more frequently with this particular small secret( pages 35-37)

what eating dinner in a restaurant has to do with improving your lady’s likelihood of reaching an orgasm. Don't be a fool like me and proceed through years of giving average brain because you think you know more than you do. I’m a bestselling writer of 19 books on gender, love, romance and relationships. And 400-watts of women don’t even appreciate oral gender at all it was time for me to complete my very own “personal research”. After minutes of moaning and sighing and squirming with satisfaction she broke out in huge sweat around, arched her right back and begged me to carry on. Two is her typical maximum. She just didn’t enjoy them. The whole guide on using toys with cunnilingus… include new sensations to the mix( pages 64 – 67) 10 opportunities to perform cunnilingus in… spice things up with these various angles, sensations and experiences( pages 68 – 76)

how to still enjoy safe cunnilingus even if your partner includes a disease or std( page 19) the 8 specific questions you should ask to discover precisely what she wants to, give her the top experience possible… many guys ask the wrong questions like, “do you like that?”( page 14)

so i made it my mission to become a specialist at cunnilingus. She was cautious but agreed.

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