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‘ i can?t believe how much i saved! why would anybody obtain a car somewhere else?? it?s cheaper and easy. Our exclusive service may save you $1,000s & make you a confident customer. America's most reliable and greatest resource for government live & on the web vehicle auctions plus police auctions and sales of gov’t pre-owned & seized cars, trucks, and suv's. Government pre-owned/surplus cars are usually only 2-3 yrs old and are well-maintained. As a result of certain regulations, these cars are listed and

their unique price. every month over the us 1000s of held by government agencies( irs, dea, fbi) and police departments are auctioned off to the general public at discount prices. ‘ ‘hi gov-auctions team, thanks for helping me to locate my nearby car auctions. Currently you with immediate entry to over 4,000 updated auctions nationwide with guaranteed listings in most state, not searchable elsewhere on the internet. Government pre-owned/surplus cars are an average of only 2-3 yrs old and are well maintained. ‘ distributed at: us on line auction new! gov-auctions school be smart & access our free value packed, step by step guides heretheir initial price.

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